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Big Hands Poker Challenge - умеете ли Вы разыгрывать сильные руки? ... Наберите не менее 4800 очков и получите VIP-билет School Pass*. Победит  ...

Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Patrik Antonius are finally back at the Durrrr Challenge tables on Full Tilt Poker after an extended hiatus. The last time we saw these Dwan and Antonius Play First Big Session of 2010 For the first time in 2010, Patrick Antonius and Tom Dwan sat down for a session in the seemingly never-ending Durrrr Challenge. Heading into play, durrrr held Against the Odds: Big Hands from Sunday It may have only lasted 50 minutes with just a small ($9,000) profit for Patrik Antonius, but the Challenge's early Sunday session did have a few monster pots Monday's Session is Underway At around 3:15 EST on Monday afternoon, Patrik and durrrr are continuing their challenge. Early in the session, durrrr is up around $165k after about 200 hands.

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Strategy Guide to Playing High Card Flops in Hold'em Those big slicks and big chicks can really flop a monster, but when playing high card flops, always make sure to be enough to protect your holdings. When you hit top two pair on a big flop you probably have the best hand, but you need to protect against straight draws and perhaps flush draws.

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High Score Poker Challenge - PokerStars School ... School Articles > Other. Big Hands Poker Challenge ... Hasonlítsd össze a pontszámodat más Póker Suli tagokéval a ranglistán. Játssz folyamatosan, hogy  ... Big Hands Poker Challenge -Прохождение 4895 очков - YouTube Big Hands Poker Challenge -Прохождение 4895 очков Top Poker Tells with Joe Beevers and Jeff Kimber Top 5 High Stakes Hands feat. MMAsherdog (Part I) - Duration: High Score Poker Challenge - PokerStars School Play the six hands of our Big Hands challenge and see how high you can get your chip stack. Bluff Bluff Poker Challenge In this fun 'Bluff Bluff' game you'll play a selection of hands that will put your poker brain on overtime and really test out your

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